Thinking of What to Sell Online?

Thinking of What to Sell Online?

Thinking of What to Sell Online?

So, you want to sell online?

I have mentioned it times without number and I am sure you would have heard it from other reasonable sources too that when it comes to making money genuinely online, there must be an exchange of value and one best way to exchange value is by SELLING.

If you think this sounds complicated or it sounds like you are being told something that is too much for you to handle, let me break it down clearly for you.

For example, if you do mini importation by importing goods cheaply from China and then go on Facebook and Instagram to advertise. When you generate sales and make profit, this is a typical case of selling online to make money.

Here is another example: If you are a good cook and you come up with an ebook or a video course on 10 special Nigerians soups wives can learn how to cook now to keep their husbands at home, and you offer same for sale online and you actually sell to make money, this is another online business by selling information. Some people call it information marketing.

So, I hope the 2 examples above have clarified what I mean by selling as one the best and the most genuine ways to make money online in Nigeria and even anywhere else.

That said…

One major issue I wish to clarify in this episode of our free 30-day training on how to start a profitable online business in Nigeria is in determining exactly what to sell online. This is where many people hang.

After all the training, after all the videos, after all the reading, they still come back to ask – So, sir, what can I offer or sell online?

In one of our previous episodes under this 30-day series, I have covered how to generate profitable ideas with which you can launch profitable online businesses.

So, if you link the lessons in that episode up with this particular episode, then you should get some clarifications.

May I also use this opportunity to inform you that deciding on what to sell online is a personal decision that no one can dictate for you. It is something you need to come up with by yourself. That is the only way it will work and last.

The only help you can receive is guidance. Helping you to fine tune your idea in the best way possible to make the greatest impact and the most profit.

Why do I have to really say this clearly and emphatically?

I have some people who insist on offering video courses like me when they don’t actually have all it takes to do so.

So, while trying so hard to make that happen, they are wasting time and losing money. As time goes by, they lose motivation and interest. They lose momentum. Eventually, they give up and then join the league of people that say – don’t mind them, all na lie…lol. Nobody dey make any money online.

I also have people who are wasting time on creating a website to launch their online business. There is nothing wrong with that but it is not every online business that requires the use of a website.

In fact, the major issue for this class of people is that if you ask them whether they know how to create a site, the answer is no. Ask them if they have the money to higher someone to develop it for them, the answer is no. So, they are expecting a miracle to just happen.

They are wasting time when they can easily use a WhatsApp group to launch their online business and then scale up with time.

The examples are so many.

So, if you are at a stage like this in your online business journey, let this be a wake-up call for you.

Do not be selling an online course when you should be selling an ebook. When an online course may take you several days to perfect, you can launch an ebook in hours and start making sense with it immediately. When you do this for sometime, then you can scale up. That is how to do it.

Also, do not think it is a must to have a website to sell online. You can launch whatever you want to sell via a WhatsApp group or Telegram group.

The message for today is clear: do not be selling video courses when you should be selling an ebook.

Do not be selling an ebook when you should be offering a WhatsApp/Telegram training and so on and on.

The steps to follow are simple;

  1. Get your idea clearly stated
  2. Determine your target customers
  3. Find out the easiest possible way to launch yourself out first.
  4. Launch, and then
  5. Scale

I don’t think it can be simpler than this.

If you think what I have narrated is not possible, go on Instagram now and check out most of the people you follow that are selling stuffs. Especially those selling courses, ebooks and trainings. Count how many of them have websites and how many don’t have. You will realise those that don’t have are much more than those that have. Yet, the lack of a website does not reduce their income.

In fact, most of those that now have websites among them started without one. So? You think you can start today and be like them? Yes, you can of course – but it wont happen today. Not even tomorrow but with time and by doing the right thing and taking the right step.

I hope you got some values from today’s episode. Be on the look out for the next episode on this series.

If you want to learn more about how to create a profitable online business from your skill, hobby, profession, talent and even problems, check out my GoDigital Online Course.

Many people who have taken the course are succeeding already with their online businesses and though the course, they saw for the first time, how simple it could be to get something profitable going on for yourself online.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out here.

Do not forget to share this write-up with your friends that will benefit from it.

Also, feel free to add your comments and feedback in the box below and you will surely hear right back from me?

By the way, which online business idea have you tried to push before and how did it go or how is it going? Let’s discuss at the comment section below.


Plan B

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Ibraheem Tiamiyu (Plan B) is a parallel entrepreneur, the founder of Plan B Group, a YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Fellow and a highly sought-after speaker and trainer on business, investment, leadership, youth and organisational development.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the clarity sir.
After going through a course some times back, I was able to write an e-book on a topic in a niche that has big market; but I don’t know how to turn it to money yet. I run fb ad for it but not even a single sale came in.
The issue is I was told that I need a website, opt-in page, sales page and stuffs; but don’t actually know how to create any of them. I NEED HELP, AM STUCKED UP.

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