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Testimony for GoDigital online course by Ibraheem Tiamiyu Mr Plan B

I am Dr. Zainab Mohammed, an associate Professor of Pharmacognosy from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I have been a seasoned lecturer and researcher for many years now, but I have never thought of monitizing my knowledge. That's until I joined the 'Go Digital Course'. I have since written a book titled '10 Effective Natural Herbs to Enhance Fertility in Men and Women' following Mr. Plan B's guidance. I am now earning steady passive income from my book. I never knew I could do this in spite of my vast experience and knowledge on medicinal plants. Thank you Mr. Plan B.

Dr. Zainab Mohammed

Founder: FertilityPlus (Dr. Zee’s Botanicals) IG handle: @zee_dullah

My name is Owoade Toyin,

If I were to write a summary, it would be: Go Digital with Plan B was a great turning point for me and my business.

But NO, I won't stop at a summary. I will walk you through my journey with Plan B.

I took his 3 in 1 Masterclass when it was just 1999k and that was where it started. I got value for my money and so when I stumbled on Go Digital, I jumped at it (I borrowed the money to pay one month ahead).

First day in class, I had jotted over 6 pages from just introduction module. By the time we finished that day I was shedding tears (you wonder right). I gained clarity of purpose just from his introduction class.

From the second class, I lost my sleep and my brain started pumping out ideas and solutions and this birthed a Digital Academy for me "The Digital Billionaires Club" where I teach how to use your simple Android phone to write E-books and create E-courses.

I was able to launch out and got back my training fee in folds.....bought a laptop for my business, sort out lots of bills and still got tangible savings.

Mr Plan B, I can write an Ebook on my experience with your trainings (yes).

Thanks for coming through sir.

Toyin Owoade

Founder: @thegramsschool

testimony for PlanB's training
testimony for PlanB's training
positive feedback about Mr Plan B Ibraheem Tiamiyu
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