3 Tips for Building a Successful Online Business in Nigeria | Full Guide

3 Tips for Building a Successful Online Business in Nigeria | Full Guide

These days, there are a lot of lessons in form of ebooks and online courses teaching how to start a successful and profitable online business in Nigeria.

However, when you ask those who have consumed these lessons, most of them do become even more confused after the consumption of the lessons than before it.

What could be responsible for this?

I will reveal the 3 things that are missing here.

If you are not aware of the common statistics for the percentage of success gotten from learning how to build a successful online business in Nigeria, let me share one with you below.

If 100 people buy a course, 50% of them will actually not even consume the course. Meaning they will not even read the ebook or watch the videos. They will just buy it then claim they don’t have time. 

Most people who claim online businesses don’t work in Nigeria fall in this category.

What happens to the remaining 50%, you should watch the video below to understand what happens to them.

That’s not all, when it comes to building an online business, it is not different from building an offline business.

Every human endeavour that is meant to succeed must contain the 3 tips I explain in the video below.

With years of experience in building different online businesses and teaching how to do the same, I have come to realise that these 3 ingredients are always present in online businesses that are successful.

Are these 3 ingredients present in your current online business?

Watch the video below to find out;


Of course, you may have one or two questions after watching the video, feel free to put them in the comment box below.

If the lessons in the video are useful to you, kindly like and share with others.

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Ibraheem Tiamiyu (Plan B) is a parallel entrepreneur, the founder of Plan B Group, a YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Fellow and a highly sought-after speaker and trainer on business, investment, leadership, youth and organisational development.

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edwin imaku
edwin imaku
4 years ago

Mr plan B , really appreciate you posting this video it’s like you where talking to me directly. Discovering myself is what am still finding difficult to do because I’ve too many hobbies, lots of experiences and skillset, focusing on the right one and be consistent with it is my major problem.

edwin imaku
edwin imaku
4 years ago
Reply to  Plan B

Thanks a lot ,I’ve downloaded the ebook and it was helpful now I am very clear on what to do.

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