Startup Success: The Complete Step-by-Step Online Course to Starting and Succeeding With Your Own Business

Your Entrepreneurial Transformation Starts Here!

Tiamiyu Ibraheem Abiodun (Plan B) Strictly Business NG

Getting empowered to transform your idea into a profitable business can lead to financial freedom, independence and your dream life. Tiamiyu Ibraheem Abiodun (Plan B), parallel entrepreneur, Group CEO of Plan B Group, founder of StrictlyBusiness and multiple award-winning speaker and trainer on  business, investment, leadership, youth and organizational development will show you how to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. 

Start Your Business With Complete Confidence

My video trainings and tools will guide you all the way.


With over 20 videos and 15 tools including templates, worksheets, case studies and samples to help you get your business going quickly.


Learn the same techniques that Plan B used to start 6+ successful businesses totally from scratch and other successful young entrepreneurs he has raised too


No delays, you can start immediately.


1. Making Up Your Mind

Tthe critical mindset for being a successful entrepreneur and why starting a business may be easier than you think. Plus, the top 5 business secrets you must know.

2. Strategies for Generating Fantastic Business Ideas

Explore practical and proven strategies smart entrepreneurs use to generate fantastic business ideas for any budget or situation and Plan B's 70-page E-book (The 50 Best Small Business Ideas).

3. How to Choose the Best Business Idea for You

You will learn the proven, 6-step process to choose the most awesome business idea. Plus my business idea worksheet that will allow you to quickly rank potential business ideas.

4. How to Validate Your Business Idea

How to make sure that your business idea and new product ideas will work before you invest a lot of time or money on them. You will learn the 5 main types of validation.

5. Naming Your Business

From Plan B to StrictlyBusiness, discover the 7-step approach you can use to create a great name for your business, including what you must know about trademarks and types of names to avoid at all costs.

6. How to Register Your Business with CAC

How to determine if your business should be an Enterprise, LTD, partnership or sole proprietorship including critical legal and tax implications.

7. Business Survival Tactics: Strategies for Creating Competitive Advantage for Your Business

Discover the critical secret for finding the best target market for any business. Learn how to differentiate your business so that you will stand out in the marketplace and not end up competing directly against anyone.

8. How to Create Your Business Plan

Learn how to create a comprehensive business plan that is just one page long with templates and samples to make creating your own business plan a breeze.

9. Learn Basic Accounting and How to Make Achievable Financial Projections

Learning business accounting has never been easier with videos, samples and templates that will take you step-by-step through creating both historical and projected income statements, balance sheets and cash flows for your business

10. How to Get the Funds You Need to Finance Your Business

Discover how to get financing from friends and family, angel investors, venture capitals, and other alternative sources including government loans and grants.

11. How to Develop a Powerful Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Learn how to create your unique selling proposition (USP), which will underpin all of your marketing efforts. Find out my #1 marketing secret. Create a one page marketing plan. Explore over 40 proven guerrilla marketing tactics.

12. Learn Digital Marketing and Build a Huge Online Presence for Your Business

Discover the 7 steps to building your online presence, including creating a great website for your business. How to rank high in search engine results. Complete beginner’s guides to online advertising, email marketing, blogs and social media marketing.

13. How to Make Sales and Land Your First Customers

Learn every step of the sales process. Discover creative ways to generate sales. Adapt my sample scripts for making sales presentations.

14. How to Scale and Sustain Your Business

Learn my simple business scaling strategies for huge profit plus proven entrepreneurial tactics to grow and sustain your business


Video: How to Launch Your Business Fast and on a Tight Budget Using MVP

Discover the concept of MVP (minimally viable product) to get your business going in no time. No waiting, no delays!

Support and Mentoring

You also get Plan B’s personal email address so that he can answer all your questions for a full 90 days after you enrol in the course.



20 high-quality videos that will walk you through every step of starting and succeeding with your business


Copy and use these samples for your business. Plus 100-page profitable business idea E-book.


Interactive/downloadable worksheets, templates and forms to get your business going as quickly as possible.


Your order is risk free! Full refund for 45 days if for any reason you are unsatisfied.

Send an email to info@strictlybusiness.ng now for notification and early bird discounts when this course launches.

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