How Much Do You Need To Start A Mini Importation Business In Nigeria?

How Much Do You Need To Start A Mini Importation Business In Nigeria?

How Much Do You Need To Start A Mini Importation Business In Nigeria?

Hello guys. 

Welcome back to my platform. This is where I release new information regularly on different genuine online businesses Nigerians can go into and guide them on how to succeed in them. 

This write-up/video tutorial is for those that have been thinking about going into mini importation business in Nigeria and are confused because they don’t know how much it will take them to start importing from China to Nigeria. 

If you are in that category, here is every thing you need to know explained in details.

When it comes to answering the question of – how much do I need to start importing from China to Nigeria – there are a lot of factors involved.

These factors include but not limited to;

The goods you are interested in buying, how expensive are they? Is it some thing you can get a unit for just N200? Is it something that you will get a unit for say, N5,000?

For example, I have a product I import from China and I buy one for less than N400. So, if I am new to mini importation business in Nigeria, it means I can buy 10 pieces for N4,000. This can be my start-up capital. 

The weight of the goods – another important factor you need to consider is the weight of what you are buying. 

There are instances you will get some stuffs from China at a very cheap price but to ship them to Nigeria will become an headache. 

I have seen newbies make this mistake over and over again. 

Make sure you check the weight of what you are buying so that you don’t incur expenses you don’t plan for. 

The lesson here is that you want to go for light-weight products. They are not only easy and cheap to ship, they also are easy to deliver to customers within Nigeria. 

I have created a well detailed video and you have it below that explains all these factors and also gives different examples with prices on the types of product you should buy and those you should not buy. 

Still on considering how much you need to start your own mini importation business in Nigeria, do remember that you also need to consider the procurement, shipping and clearing fees. 

These are other expenses that many don’t think about before embarking on the journey and this has something to do again with the weight of your goods. 

You will find many detailed examples that I gave in the video on this. 

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Feel free to drop your questions and comments in the comment box below.

Most importantly, kindly remember that it is a privilege for you to have access to an information like this. it will be so kind of you if you share it with other people too if you find it valuable. 

Lastly, have your tried mini importation before and what has been your experience? Let’s talk in the comment section below. 



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Ibraheem Tiamiyu (Plan B) is a parallel entrepreneur, the founder of Plan B Group, a YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Fellow and a highly sought-after speaker and trainer on business, investment, leadership, youth and organisational development.

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Abdulqahar Haladu
Abdulqahar Haladu
2 years ago

Very informative.. Thank you Plan B

2 years ago

Good info. I learnt something new. Thanks plan B

2 years ago

How do one get connected to the agent

Michael Dominick Lemonspark
Michael Dominick Lemonspark
2 years ago
Reply to  Plan B

Thanks for Sharing Mr. Plan B


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1 year ago

Please I want to do mini importation how do I start is my first time how do I get a procurement agent thanks

Joseph Gospel
Joseph Gospel
10 months ago

I love to import good sell in Nigeria here

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