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Tiamiyu Ibraheem Abiodun (Plan B) Strictly Business NG

Ibraheem Tiamiyu (Plan B)

Parallel Entrepreneur | Founder @ Plan B Group | Publisher @ Strictlybusiness.ng | Training Facilitator


That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you or you have something burning inside of you to inspire and make an impact? Yeah, that was me back then!

Coming from a very humble background (I mean a really humble one), I believed I could be much more than I was. There has to be a way to be better in life!

Sometime in 2007, something so touching happened to me that really pushed me to start thinking of finding my own voice, to find a better way. It forced me to make a choice about continuing the way I was or try something else. I needed to make more money and getting a side business to increase my income was the only option while keeping my paid job.

I started reading books about self-development and entrepreneurship and I was liking the new knowledge. I was becoming a new person entirely. Everyone around me then even knew that a change was going on. That’s where the whole journey started from.


Tiamiyu Ibraheem Abiodun (Plan B) Strictly Business NG

I started trying my hands on several businesses both offline and online with a mixture of failure and success. I tried medical supplies, tried network marketing, tried FOREX trading, affiliate marketing, blogging and so on.

While continuing in my success-failure cycle, one thing was very sure – I WAS GAINING TREMENDOUS EXPERIENCE.

Eventually in 2010, I resigned from my paid job and was able to register my first company (Plan B Business Link) in January 2011.

Between 2011 and now, we have metamorphosed from just a simple enterprise firm into a group of companies. 

After failing several times with millions of Naira in debt accompanied with serious depression and loss of confidence, I have at least learnt one thing – HOW NOT TO DO IT!

I can confirm to you now that starting and running a business today for young people is simpler than what you think of it and how it used to be. Yes! But you will surely benefit from the help of those who have taken the journey you are just embarking on. 


Fate foundation entrepreneurship training by Plan B
Fate foundation entrepreneurship training by Plan B

Now, apart from managing my own businesses, I am also a Director in some other companies, a consultant to some and a mentor and an advisor to many. I am now a highly sought-after Speaker and Trainer when it comes to business, investment, leadership, youth and organizational development. 

I have trained for different Government Parastatals, NGOs, Higher Institutions, Religious Organizations, Private Organizations and so on with many awards and accolades. I am currently an external Trainer with the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) on Business Development. For some years now, I have been a member of the Training Faculty for different organisations across the country and beyond.

In 2016, I was among the 150 Young Africans selected from 9 West African Countries by the US Government for an all expense paid 5weeks training program called YALI (Young African leaders Initiative). So, today, I am an award-winning YALI Alumnus and Fellow. I am also currently serving as a Mentor on the YALI Mentoring Program for upcoming Young African Leaders in the entrepreneurship track.

Ibraheem Tiamiyu (Plan B)
Plan b

I have built successful businesses for myself both online and offline and even in the sectors where the failure rates are very high. 

I have built a business in the online FOREX trading sector, trading and sharing analysis and trading strategies everywhere online  with thousands of followers. 

I have received several awards you can think of from my Network Marketing businesses. I have been invited to speak and train thousands of distributors for different Network Marketing companies. I have mentored several of my business partners in my primary Network Marketing business into becoming great successes and many many more.

Tiamiyu Ibraheem Abiodun (Plan B) Strictly Business NG

Why do I have to tell you all this? The answer is simple: there are definitely lots I can share with you about building a successful online and offline businesses in Nigeria and becoming really good at it because I have successfully built some for myself. If you stick around here and follow my teachings, this can happen faster than you can imagine.

In fact, I started this project because of you. Yes, you! I honestly believe that helping others is the only way to live my life meaningfully.

Of course, I know how people struggle to build their businesses both online and offline. I know because I have been there before. It’s now even worse because the economy is becoming more and more unstable. The unemployment stats are getting worse. You really need guidance to navigate through successfully and I am here for you.

From time to time, I will be sharing my thoughts on issues concerning building businesses and entrepreneurship. I will also be sharing tools and resources that have worked for me with you. I will be sharing video tutorials where I will be teaching you different 21st century business-building and success strategies that I apply in my own businesses with proofs.

Once in a while, I will also be opening an opportunity for young starters into my mentoring programs where I will be holding you by the hand to guide you on your journey to business success – an opportunity I didn’t have when starting out then.

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