After trying everything possible online for years with no success...

Here Are The 3 Simple Skills I Learnt That Changed The Game For Me Forever!

...and I am always shocked with what happens whenever I teach people these skills too

A Bit About Me

Ibraheem Tiamiyu Plan B

I am Ibraheem Tiamiyu, the Founder and Publisher of StrictlyBusinessNG.

After been able to put my self and my businesses in order coming from a major setback, I founded StrictlyBusinessNG to train, mentor share ideas, tools and strategies that help entrepreneurs start, grow and sustain their businesses, be it online or offline.


I have been a full-time entrepreneur for over a decade now – and you know what that means;

No salary from any boss – for over 10 years now!

Everything was going on smoothly until sometimes in 2015 when I faced a major setback in my business and it started affecting every other aspects of my life…

The Major Setback I Faced

In late 2013, I picked up the distributorship of a company to market their natural health products after confirming that the products were highly effective.

For several months, using the old model of marketing, I did everything possible to market but no reasonable sales were coming in until I took the business online.

Prior to that time, I have gathered some knowledge about selling online, creating a website using wordpress and so on.

This was also the era when Facebook advertising was really new to some of us in this part of the world and I started making a killing with it selling hundreds of thousands of Naira worth of these health products online on a daily basis.

Within a short period of time, I had risen to the top of earnings (the compensation plan) of the company and life was really really good.


This was the experience until I faced a major setback in 2015.


The company whose products I was selling had to increase their prices because of the Naira/USD exchange rate palava and that was a huge one coupled with Facebook nabbing everyone marketing health products on their platform then.


2 blows on my face at the same time

As a young entrepreneur then, I thought I had already arrived and life would continue that way. I was wrong!

Well, today, I know better – the lack of forward-thinking and innovation for future survival is the number one reason small businesses failed.

Sadly, I fell into this category back then.

Thank God that I know better right now!

The Solution That Liberated Me

The setback from the end of 2015 extended towards 2016 and the struggle continued until one particular day.

A pharmacist friend of mine was trying to introduce me to a new company that had similar effective products like the ones I was selling but now at cheaper prices.

That sounded good to me.

We booked an appointment to attend the company’s training session at their office in Ikeja, Lagos.

This alone was a major issue for me – it’s not going to be funny if other distributors from the other company saw me or my conspicuous jeep then romancing another company selling same products.

Well, I had to find a way to attend the training.

Na me know where shoe dey pinch me nah!

I am not so easy to be sold into signing up to market for any company though but this company had one thing that caught my attention – a mini massaging machine.

It was going to be a good thing to be added to the group of health products I was selling.

I immediately bought some pieces at N16,000 each. I was not even bothered about the PV (point value) – only the networkers will understand this.

So, I started selling and my customers liked it.

I was buying tens of this machine on a weekly basis and things started picking up bit by bit again.

What Happened Next Was So Amazing!

One day, I was surfing the internet and I suddenly saw an image that looked like that massaging machine. I followed the link and it landed on aliexpress  – haha!.

I surfed and surfed and found out that it’s exactly the same machine except that it didn’t have the logo of the company selling at 16k.

That’s not all, the price I saw amazed me to my bone marrow!

I saw it for $13.66 each and shipping to Nigeria was $3.

This is $16.66 and that’s about N6,000 for one machine.

I bursted into laughter.

Then, I started ordering from there immediately.

See for yourself below;

Though, prior to that time, I had been buying stuffs from aliexpress but in most cases, I was buying personal stuffs.

It was after this era that I discovered more websites from China where we could buy at even cheaper prices than aliexpress and this marked the first breakthrough for me online – I just acquired a skill that will always be in-demand for ever! 

A skill that will never go out of date! 

The First Skill That Helped Me Succeed Online

It was this machine that marked the beginning of my first real money-making skill in mini-importation/e-commerce online.

Making N10,000 on each machine was a big deal for me. But the truth is that I was even making more than 10k because when I was buying at N16k, I was not selling at N16k.

What I did next was to stat researching more and more products to be bought and resell in Nigeria at profitable prices for me.

I didn’t have to be looking for customers then, I already have my customer base.

As at that time when many Nigerians did not know about this line of business, I had started cashing out big from it and the business is still very much profitable till today.

Why Must You Know About Mini Importation/E-commerce?

Just imagine yourself being broke one day to the extent that you have tried everything possible in your life and nothing seems to work out for you. 

You can’t feed yourself and your family. 

You can’t pay your house rent no matter how much you try.

Imagine you hear someone somehow talking about needing a product that could really help him/her solve a problem. 

And you are smart enough to know that if one person has one problem around you, there will be thousands, if not millions, of other people out there who have the same problem and are looking for a solution. 

Imagine you have the knowledge about importation and you borrow someone’s phone to search online for a product that can help this class of people. 

Imagine you are so broke that all you can borrow from your best friend for the last time is 5k because you have not been paying back the previous loans. 

Imagine you are able to get a product that can help these people for N500 each, import it down to Nigeria for N500 each too – that’s 1k for each product. 

Imagine you are able to sell each product for 5k, 7k or 10k? 

At 5k, you will make N25k in revenue and 20k as pure profit. 

You can help yourself with the other figures.  

All this can happen to you in 1 week. 

To sell 5 pieces, you don’t even need to market online. You don’t need a website, no extra expenses.

You can sell these 5 pieces in your church, mosque, shrine, school, office or anywhere else. 

As long as the product is unique and cannot be found in any shop or on Jumia, you are good to go and I will show you how to achieve that soon.

Wait – did you just say impossible?

Well, continue reading to see where I have the video of a live case study of such product I personally sell. 

You will see how much I buy it live and how much I sell for. 

Imagine This Is You!

Imagine you were the first to sell any of these in Nigeria;

sample of mini importation business hot selling product

How much would you have made?

How rich will you be right now?

Well, before you start doing some mental financial calculation, it is not that easy – and that led to the next phase for me.

The Challenges With Mini Importation/E-commerce in Nigeria

It is very likely that you are not reading about mini importation or e-commerce for the first time and it is possible that you are even into it. 

However, what I am really sure of is that amongst other challenges you may be facing or will face in your importation business, the 4 I have listed below will be toping the list and that’s why most people that do the business fail in this part of the world. 

Now that everyone is teaching and learning about mini importation and e-commerce, it has become tougher for newbies to go into it.

In fact, everyday, I receive email from people who are into this business but are not making anything good out of it and below are some of the challenges they are facing, amongst others;

  1. Inability to know hot/best selling products to import
  2. Market saturation for a particular product – before the newbies will bring in a hot product, the big boys have brought it in and sold like 1000 units already and cleaned mouth. By the time you bring your own in for say N10k, the product is already listed on Jumia or Jiji for N2,500. Then you will be making adverts and no sales.
  3. Problem of deliveries within Nigeria and payment
  4. No skill about internet or social media marketing to market and sell their imported/e-commerce products fast. In this business, SPEED is the rule of the game. Even if the profit is not much, you want to make it fast!

These 4 are the major challenges.

In fact, it was facing the number 4 challenge on the above list that led me to the Second Skill I learnt that liberated me even further in my journey to success online.

The Second Skill That Helped Me Succeed Online

At times, we feel we know something but we do not know it enough.

In fact, knowledge about doing business online is the type you need to keep updating every day.

One of the major setbacks I faced again with mini importation and e-commerce was – Social Media Marketing.

Because I have been selling online for years, I thought I knew it all – but I was wrong.

Because of the little holiday I had when I was looking for a way out of the primary problems in my business, I did not know Facebook has changed a lot about their policies.

O NO! This period marked another very stressful period for me in my life.

These guys kept flagging my ad accounts anyhow with any little mistake. 

In fact, my ad accounts, portals and payment cards were all flagged then. 

I kept reapplying for ATM cards from GTB almost every week then claiming I lost the cards.

I also remember using other people’s cards as well – meeennn!

It’s not a good experience at all!

As if that was not enough, when they didn’t flag my account, my ads would not just perform for reasons I did not know.

At a time, I even thought it was village people … and I am really serious right now.

Like, isn’t this thing what I used to do so easily before?

What has changed???

Village People?

But why will village people be following me? Do they know about Facebook again?

After all, I could see other people making it BIG with their own ads – so, why me?

I kept asking myself until I decided to seek for help from friends, Google and Youtube.

I had to start my lessons about Social Media Marketing all over again.

I bought courses, ebooks, attended physical trainings, did one-on-one, consumed a lot of youtube videos and so on.

Some were good, some were outrightly bad while some were just there.

I sieved the knowledge and took the one I needed.

I moved on and I started applying little by little.

This time, it’s like I was starting all over again but I didn’t care.

Then the turnaround came at last!

I was the problem and not village people

I was not getting a good result because my knowledge about Social Media Marketing was simply obsolete – out of date – and I didn’t even know.

I kept fighting a battle that has been lost before even starting.

This is exactly what many people are going through in trying to sell online today.

When I started applying the new lessons I learnt, I started selling so much of my stuffs online again that I could not believe it.



See the typical daily income we make by combining e-commerce/mini importation with social media marketing in the video below;

[ultimate_video u_video_url=”” yt_autoplay=”” yt_sugg_video=”” yt_play_control=”” yt_mute_control=”” yt_modest_branding=”on” yt_privacy_mode=”” play_size=”75″ enable_sub_bar=”” css_video_design=”.vc_custom_1567072030326{padding-top: 20px !important;padding-bottom: 20px !important;}”]

Then, I Added One Last Thing

With time, I started realising something very important was missing again.

Anytime I brought in a product or have anything to sell and I needed to design my advert banners or creatives, it’s always a war between my graphics designers and I.

I am sure a lot of you can relate.

If they say you will get your work in 24hours, just add “0” at the back, you will get it in 240 hours and that’s about 10 days.

Imagine you have something unique to sell and you don’t want to use the image everyone else is using? But one lazy designer is delaying you!

That’s not all, there were times I wanted to give free ebooks for my lead magnets or as an added value for my customers but creating the ebook as well as the ebook cover was a war.

But I Found A Way Out Still

As usual, I found a way to learn graphics designing as well as ebook publishing and ebook cover designing.

It was not so easy but I did it.

Today, I design all my social media creatives myself across all my social media pages.

I design my creatives, ebook covers and banners myself and this has really boosted my sales online. 

Not only that, the ability to be able to brand myself online has given me a unique opportunity to grow fast. 

How Have These 3 Skills Been Instrumental To My Success Online?

The amazing thing I have found out after learning these 3 basics skills of mini importation/e-commerce, social media marketing and graphics/ebook designing is that – it has made succeeding with every other online business so easy for me.

Except you want to start duping people online, there is no other way to make it online than giving values, i.e. selling something – it could be a physical product or a service.

And to do this, you need to learn how to market online – especially, social media marketing. 

To get something to sell (going by the way of physical products which is way easier for newbies), you also need to learn how to get something really hot and fast-moving to sell.

For you to sell it properly and uniquely, you need to learn about creative designing.

This is where I pity newbies that want to start achieving success online and then going to start from the top – the advanced level!

The rate of failure will be so high of course because no one will sit you down to tell you that you need some basic skills before you can make it in the business they are marketing – they will tell you that;

you can make it if you know how to copy and paste.. lol - NA LIE!

How many of such lies have you bought into?

Truth is – if you ask those selling those stuffs to you, they did not make it as newbies with ZERO knowledge or just knowing how to copy and paste alone.

They have been hustling and learning some skills and failing over time before jamming their own jackpot online.

It does not happen the way they make you see it.

So, you need to give yourself brain if you don’t want to keep enriching other people while you remain broke and broken!

See guys, learning these 3 Skills was the miracle I needed in my life and business

It’s not even about the money now!

I have been able to regain my entrepreneurial self-confidence.

I have been able to relaunch myself and my businesses with the right set of knowledge and skills.

I have learnt my lessons as well.

Now, even if I am not running my own businesses;

there is none of these 3 skills that I cannot offer online or offline in exchange for cash anytime, any day!

Today, I have thriving businesses in different sectors ranging from e-commerce, production, natural health and wellness, beauty, business/SME consultancy, training and so on. 

Now, I am a highly sought-after speaker and trainer on business, investment, leadership, youth and organisational development.

I get hired by different Corporate Organisations, NGOs, Higher Institutions and so on to facilitate trainings on topics relating to entrepreneurship and business development.

I recently featured in the FATE Foundation Aspiring Entrepreneur Program (AEP), training about 40 entrepreneurs on Entrepreneurship 101 and Business Model Canvas (BMC). 

Each of the trainings was a full day class. 

See pictures below;

Fate foundation entrepreneurship training
Fate foundation entrepreneurship training

This means I have one or two things I can show you too when it comes to building a profitable business online and offline. 

If you allow me, I am ready to open your eyes to the 3 important skills and opportunities that can liberate you too and launch you into success fast, no matter your level of expertise right now.

So, How Does This Apply To You?

[just_icon icon=”Defaults-thumbs-up” icon_size=”70″ icon_color=”#0066bf” icon_animation=”bounceIn” css_just_icon=”.vc_custom_1567064876792{padding-right: 10px !important;padding-left: 10px !important;}”]

I do not know how much you have tried to make it online without success.

I do not know how much money you have spent or wasted in trying to survive as an online entrepreneur. 

As for me, I know what I went through. 

I know how this struggle almost ruined me financially – but I’m happy today that I had the opportunity to retrace my steps, started again the right way and now winning. 

So, in your own case, what are you willing to do now?

How much will your life change if you are able to learn;

  1. How to import good quality products at very cheap prices and sell them at higher prices online?
  2. How to promote and sell anything online the easiest and the most profitable way?
  3. How to render creative design services to individuals and businesses online, do it at ZERO cost in less than 10 minutes and charge them like 5k, 10k, 20k or more?

Dear Friend

  • Have you been hearing about E-COMMERCE/MINI IMPORTATION and how profitable it is but never had the opportunity to learn about it?
  • Have you gotten your fingers burnt with e-commerce/mini-importation by learning from those who don’t even do it?
  • Perhaps, the inability to determine hot selling product to import has been a great challenge for you?
  • Do you have products. services or offers that you have been struggling to market and sell on Facebook or Instagram?
  • Have you been getting your Facebook Ad account banned because you keep violating Facebook ad policies?
  • Have you seen how others make money with Facebook and Instagram ads but you always wished that’s you making the money?
  • Have you always desired to learn how to create beautiful ad banners and creatives for your products and services but the graphics designers are billing you fees you can’t afford?
  • Have you always wished you knew how to design beautiful Ebook covers?



Then, I am happy to introduce to you;

3in1 Masterclass by Plan B

An intensive online training with a dedicated Facebook Group for proper guidance and mentoring

Most of my 3-in-1 Masterclass participants start to make money in a matter of days after the course. Some of them even make money during the course. See examples below;


Making Her Second Order From China Second Week After The Course

She was scared before and during the course because she has lost a lot of money trying to sell stuffs before coming across my course but I kept on motivating her. She imported some goods during the course, sold them using the simple offline marketing strategies she learnt from the course and was able to sell off everything almost immediately. 

Now, she is thinking of making her second order. All within the space of 3 weeks. Read her messages below;

3in1 masterclass testimony
3 in 1 masterclass testimony

5 Orders In 4hours

He’s been struggling to sell his health products online. After watching my videos on Social Media Advertising, he got 5 orders in 4hours. Multiple of what he used to get;

She Got A Job After Learning Social Media Marketing From The Course

See below what one my participants posted about how learning digital skills from the masterclass gave her an edge at a job interview and she got the job

Hundreds of people trained so far can't be wrong...

They even bestowed an award on me and showered me with cake and gifts during my last birthday in May 2019 as a way to be grateful for the quality of my training

I Invite You To Join Me...

In this intensive course, where I teach you everything you need to know about;

  1. E-commerce/Mini Importation
  2. Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Instagram)
  3. Graphics Design (including ebook cover design)



Over 15 high quality videos that work you through the entire course one module after the other


Get all your questions answered and your confusions cleared in the weekly live webinar. 


Access to my exclusive Facebook Group for continuous mentoring and guidance

You Can Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!

With any of the 3 SKILLS that I will be teaching you in this course.

I hold nothing back from you!

Any of these 3 skills ALONE can liberate you financially if you know how.

Not even to say when you learn all the 3 from someone who does not just teach but practices what he teaches.

As the founder of, the 3 skills I teach in this Masterclass are some of the same skills I use to make money online daily as you have seen in the video above!

E-commerce/Mini Importation

What is Mini Importation business

Imagine you know the secret to search for and import hot and best selling products and then get them down to Nigeria within a few days and sell them for X5 or even X10 of the landing cost or more?

That’s not all! Imagine you are the first person to sell that product in Nigeria for several weeks before it get’s saturated.

Now, imagine that you are the only one selling that product. 

I will show you the secret websites where we buy any product of our choice for less than 1k and sell for 10, 15 or even 20k. I do this myself!

I have a running online beauty company and a thriving natural health and wellness business using this strategy.

I import potent beauty and natural health products at cheaper prices and sell them online at my own prices.

If you want, you can sell offline too using my fail-proof offline marketing strategies.

Importation business is a profitable business. It has been like that over the years.

Think of the Ibo boys selling clothes, shoes, wigs, rugs, belts and so on. 

They turn their capital over in many folds each time they complete a complete round of importation and sales.

The Course Module

Video 3IN1 master class

HOW To Find Hot/Best Selling Products – Part 1

Here, I show you the unique but simple strategy I use to search for hot selling products that no one else know about for huge profits. 

Not only that, I will show you how to search for products no one else is selling yet in Nigeria so that you will be the first to sell it at your own price before others wake up. 

Video 3IN1 master class

HOW To Find Hot/Best Selling Products – Part 2

My course buyers always go wow!!! when they see this. This is a step no body teaches you. That’s why most people fail from start in mini importation.

Imagine you are the only one selling a particular product in Nigeria and no one else. Buyers can’t find it on Jumia or Jiji. When they are done searching everywhere for the same product at a cheaper rate, they come back to beg you to sell to them at your own price. 

Video 3IN1 master class

HOW To Order For Goods From China And Ship Down To Nigeria All By Yourself

Plus secret Chinese websites where I buy all sorts of high quality products at very very cheap prices that you can’t get anywhere else

Video 3IN1 master class

HOW To Make Your Products Different From The Others

This will stand you out from the competition. Meaning you are in control of your market and can sell at your own price regardless of how much you buy from China. 

Video 3IN1 master class

Contacts Of 4 Different Procurement And Shipping Agents

You need this if you need to buy from sellers that don’t speak English and I am giving you 5 different reliable companies that will make it happen seamlessly.

Nowadays, procurement agents are dangerous and can kill your business. The only way out is to locate and use the good ones only. 

Learning Outcome

  • You will know exactly if a product will sell before you import it. No trial and error!

  • You will learn how to search for valuable hot and unique products that not one else is selling. With this you will be the first or one of the first set of people to sell a particular product in Nigeria before any other person and you know what this means in sales and profit.

  • You will know how to make your products stand out from the others so that you can beat competition and sell at your own controlled price for huge profits.

  • You will know different websites to buy your goods at very cheap prices for high profit

  • You will have the contacts of my 5 different procurement agents that help you to order and ship your goods within days while you pay in Naira.

  • Online and offline marketing strategies that give you power to sell your imported goods even before importing them. All my students love this part as it takes out trial and error!

  • And many many more...

Hear What Some of the Participants of My Mini Importation Course Have to Say About Me and the Course Below;

…I was wowed! The class was newbie friendly and Mr Plan B is a good tutor…

…the value I got is worth much more than what I paid…

See more great feedback below;

Plan B Mini importation testimony

Social Media Marketing

Have you ever seen an advert of a product or service online where the advertiser is getting a lot of orders and you wish that’s you?

With my Social Media Marketing training, I will pour out all my knowledge of digital marketing of over 5 years into your head.

You will be able to avoid all the mistakes I have made and move straight to profits mode like most of my students.

With my Social Media Marketing Course, you will be able to place profitable ads o both Facebook and Instagram to sell whatever you want – whether products on services.

Social Media Marketing Course Module

Video 3IN1 master class

How To Create A Branded Facebook Fanpage

Your FB Ads success starts with the look of your fan page. This video shows you how to get a professionally-looking fan page that convince your customers about you and what you sell

Video 3IN1 master class

Understanding The Various Types of Facebook/IG Advertisement

Your FB Ads success starts with the look of your fan page. This video shows you how to get a professionally-looking fan page that convince your customers about you and what you sell

Video 3IN1 master class

How To Create Facebook Ads Like A Pro

No matter how bad you have had it, I have had it worse with Fb ads but now I have conquered that. This video shows you how to place profitable ads that churn out profits on demand. 

Video 3IN1 master class

How To Choose The Right Audience For Your Ad

No matter how good or affordable your product or service is, if you do not market it to right people, you won’t sell…simple! In this video, I show you the simple and free FB tool I use to determine who to target exactly in my ad 

Video 3IN1 master class

Running Profitable Instagram Ads For Daily Consistent Sales

This is for those who are ready to step up their games. IG ads make sense when you know to to run them and this video teaches you exactly how to do that

Video 3IN1 master class

Facebook Pixels: What They Are And How To Set Them Up On Your Website

When we say we scale up an FB/IG ad, this is what we use. We use Pixels to track those who have bought from us and then ask FB/IG to get us more people like them. SIMPLE! This video shows you how to achieve this for huge profits. 

Video 3IN1 master class

How To Run Conversion Ads For Purchase, Leads, etc…

Conversion ads are the most profitable types of ads you can run for your business if you have a website. It is easy and straight to the point but a lot of people get it wrong. In this module, you will learn how to run conversion ads for any kind of business or product sales.

Video 3IN1 master class

Advanced Social Media Marketing Tactics: How To Run Retargeting Ads Using Custom Audiences 

This is where the big money is. Your ability to retarget those that have seen your offer before and to resell to those that have but something from you before. 

Video 3IN1 master class

Latest Profitable Facebook Ad Strategy No One Is Talking About Yet – Parts 1 & 2 

Facebook and Instagram ad strategies keep changing as customers behaviour and Facebook algorithms change too. Based on this, I keep releasing new working strategy as updates for you for free on a regular basis. 

Video 3IN1 master class

Bonus Video: How To Create A Site/Blog Using WordPress

Plus the Plugin I use to churn out beautiful sales pages like this page given to you for free, you have everything you need to start your won e-commerce website to sell your products online. 

Plus extra tips on how not to get your Facebook Ad Account Banned.

If you account has already been banned, you will learn the simple strategy I have used to get myself multiple Ad accounts legally with Facebook. 

Learning Outcome

  • You will learn how to use Social Media to promote your products or services to hungry buyers and sell them as fast as possible.

  • If you are always getting enquiries from your ads but not sales, I will show you the secret tips I use to convert enquires to sales. Only very people know about these tips.

  • You will learn how to legally get new and multiple Ad accounts if your Ad account has been banned.

  • You will learn social media advert retargeting secret that helps you scale up your ad by paying less to get more customers and sales. This is HUGE!

  • You will know about the secret tools I use for free to target the right people that do not only WANT/NEED what I sell but also can AFFORD it. This is a game changer. You can apply same knowledge to promote and sell any product or service online.

  • You will learn the secret tool I use to target the right audience online for my products or services. This is what one of my training participants applied to his existing social media Ad and he got 5 orders in 4 hours

  • You will learn about the simple steps to follow in your social media Ad in order not to get your account banned.

Read What Some of the Participants of My  Course Have to Say About Me and My Social Media Marketing Training Below;

Testimony for mini importation masterclass by Plan B

You can’t get it better from anyone or anywhere else!

Graphics/Ebook Design & Publishing

As a digital entrepreneur today, some of the selling skills you want to acquire are those of graphics designing and ebook publishing.

Your ability to design and churn out beautifully-crafted banners and images for your products and services anytime you need to do so will stand you out from the crowd. 

Also, being able to design ebook covers and an entire ebook publishing is a priceless skill you need to acquire.

With even my insights on social media marketing, ebook publishing and sales alone is enough to generate income daily online.

  • I will teach you how I design catchy and beautiful images and banners for my products and services to make them appeal to my customers and even stand me out as a pro.
  • I will teach you how to design ebook covers, publish your own ebooks and also sell them as you like online. 

The best part is you can do it all on your phone and you can render this service for other businesses to get paid. 

Graphics/Ebook Design Training Module

Video 3IN1 master class

Graphics Design

How to design all kinds of graphics including logos, SM cover images, banners, ebook covers, fliers, worksheets and so on using a free online tool that you can master in less than 5 minutes. 

Video 3IN1 master class

Ebook Design/Publishing 

Learn how I use a free online tool to design and publish my ebooks anytime and anyhow I want. With hundreds of free templates to get you started fast! 

See below for what some participants of my course are able to design even when they are still under training;

Instead of begging or running after a graphics designer, she was able to put a logo together for her online store;

Here is another one: One of the participants practicing ebook cover designing

Here is another one: Another participant preparing to launch her first ever ebook from the lessons she learnt in the course and of course, she is still under guidance and mentoring

And many many more amazing results

I have intentionally combined these courses together in my 3-IN-1 MASTERCLASS which means you have everything you need to succeed!

And That’s Not All…

I will keep you in the 3-in-1 Masterclass Exclusive Facebook Group for continuous MENTORING, COACHING AND GUIDANCE. 


Then, join me in the 3-in-1 Masterclass today…

3in1 Masterclass by Plan B




50% Discount

Available for TODAY ONLY

Course Details 

  • Training Format: Video Training
  • Questions, Answers and Mentoring: Facebook Group/Email

Please Note: Trainings for the course are delivered in video format.

Why this huge discount?

Because I will not want the lack of money be the reason why you wont take this course.

And if you think the course is not going to be valuable because I have intentionally made it affordable, just read the feedback below;

What Will You Get If You Signup Today?

  • You will get secret Chinese sites where to source good quality products at far cheaper prices than you will get anywhere else.


  • You will get the step by step guide I follow to find hot-selling unique products at cheaper price and sell at X15 of the price and more. 


  • I will give you 15 evergreen hot-selling products: You can import any of these with very little money and start cashing out as soon as you want.


  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents and Logistic companies that allow you to pay in Naira.


  • Hidden but simple Facebook advertising secrets that majority overlook which I use to bank in big selling my goods and services online.


  • I will teach you the most profitable way to place your Facebook and Instagram Ads. Most marketers don’t know this yet. 


  • I will show you how to set up your own online sales funnel to multiply your profit by selling to same customers over and over again. 


  • You will gain access to my easy-to-use website builder and step by step videos showing you how to use it to setup your own optin and sales pages to build you email list and to sell your products and services online respectively.


  • I will teach you how to design beautiful images to market your products and services online online for free. You will never pay a graphics designer again after learning this.


  • You will learn how to design your own e-commerce store from scratch.


  • Lifetime Update: You will get lifetime updates to this course. As business techniques change, you will be getting regular updates on what is working now. 

How To Register For The 3-in-1 Masterclass


Bank Deposit, Online/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N9,999 into;
Bank: First Bank PLC
Account Name: Plan B Business Link International
Account No: 201-970-9376

STEP 2: After payment, send me an email message (not text message. not whatsapp), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to 

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you’ll be given  an instant access to the course as well as the link to join the exclusive Facebook group.


SECURE ATM Card Payment

Pay with your ATM card or through your bank now and get an INSTANT  ACCESS  to the course, even at 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form – 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you’ll be redirected to the page to get your videos and the link to join the whatsapp group for guidance and mentoring.


I do not have a laptop. Can I do the training with my phone?

Yes. The training is delivered in video format which plays on every mobile gadget.

Can I do any of these businesses using my phone?

The answer is yes. As long as you have an internet connection on your phone.

I don't have much, can I start the business with small money?

Yes. With as little as 10k or less, you can start your own e-commerce business in Nigeria buying cheap quality products from China and resell them at X5, X10 and even X15 of the cost here in Nigeria using the power of social media marketing.

Wanna talk to me?

Send me an email to and you will hear right back from me.

This is not a job advert or get rich quick scheme. 

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